Our Purpose

Engaging in Temple projects and activities that provide meaningful services to our community, sponsoring and promoting community-building projects, and giving members the opportunity to explore and celebrate their male Jewish spirit.

Benefits of Membership

  • Participate in numerous social events including Men’s Night Out, monthly breakfast Membership meetings, the annual Super Bowl Party, Fishing Trips and Sports Outings, and other “get-togethers”.
  • Support the annual Religious School “welcome back” Picnic, the spring Congregational Picnic, and the annual Purim Carnival activities.
  • Engage in Mitzvah projects including supplying food to the local FEAST food pantry, hosting the Brotherhood Shabbat service, ushering for the High Holy Days, and greeting congregants at FridayShabbat services..
  • Help build a Sukkah for Sukkot!
  • Plan and participate in innovative fundraisers and activites,some in partnership with the Sisterhood.
  • Attend monthly Temple Ahavat Shalom Book Club meetings, sponsored in conjunction with the Ariel Goldman Library.
  • …and many more!

Don’t Just Join……Become Involved!  Volunteers are needed and appreciated! Please let us know where you can help:

  • Ushering & Services
  • Food Pick-up
  • Membership Committee
  • Events & Activities
  • Speaker Series & Book Club
  • Bereavement Committee
  • Fundraising
  • Brotherhood Board
  • Sukkah Building
  • Men’s Night Out
Events Date Time Location
Brotherhood General Meeting 1/21/18 9:30am Youth Lounge
SuperBowl Party 2/4/18 6:30am Social Hall
Brotherhood General Meeting 2/18/18 9:30am Youth Lounge
Brotherhood General Meeting 3/18/18 9:30am Youth Lounge
Brotherhood Poker Tournment 4/7/18 6:30pm Social Hall
Brotherhood General Meeting 4/15/18 9:30am Social Hall
Brotherhood Religious School Picnic 5/6/18 12noon Shelter #6 (A.L. Anderson Park)


July 11, 2018 Brotherhood Board Meeting 7 pm at Temple

July 29, 2018 Book Club 10:30 am @ TAS “That’s Funny, You Don’t Look Buddahist” by

Sylvia Boorstein

July 31, 2018 Brotherhood MNO Threshers Baseball game 7 pm at Spectrum Field

August 1, 2018 Brotherhood Board Meeting 7 pm @ Temple

August10, 2018 Temple Services, 7:30, need Brotherhood & Sisterhood representatives

meet by 7 pm to meet and greet at “get acquainted” service and oneg.

August 17, 2018 Temple Services, 7:30 pm, Meet and greet same as above

August 18, 2018 Brotherhood Bowling Event, 7pm, Maple Lanes, 27867 US 19

August 24, 2108 Temple Services, 7:30 pm, Meet and greet sames as above

August 26, 2018 First Day of religious school 9:30 am

Brotherhood general meeting 9:30 am youth lounge, then prep for

Annual Back to School party in social hall at 12 noon

September 1, 2018 Selichot: Sisterhood dessert & movie “1945” at 8pm Social hall

short service at 9 pm (help support Sisterhood by attendance)

September 5, 2018 Brotherhood Board meeting 7 pm @ Temple

September 9, 2018 Erev Rosh Hashanah, 8 pm. Brotherhood ushers at 7 pm

September 10, 2018 Rosh Hashanah 1st day 10 am, Brotherhood ushers at 9 am

September 11, 2018 Rosh Hashanah 2nd day services, Brotherhood ushers?

September 16, 2018 Brotherhood general meeting and Sukkah building 9:30 am

Reverse Tashlit Mitzvah, 12-4pm, Honeymoon Island? Details to follow

September 18, 2018 Kol Nidre, Brotherhood ushers

September 19, 2018 Yom Kippur, Brotherhood ushers

September 24, 2018 evening Sukkot services, details to follow (Rabbi)

September 28, 2018 Sukkot services, 6 pm, following a “Pizza in the Hut”

October 1, 2018 Simcah Torah dinner at 6 pm, followed by 7 pm services

October 2, 2018 Temple Board meeting#1, 7:30 pm, Bro rep attendance requested**

October 3, 2018 Brotherhood Board meeting 7 pm @ TAS

October 21, 2018 Brotherhood general meeting, 9:30 am TAS

October 30, 2018 Leadership Program at Gulf Coast JFS (?Bro Pres. attend)

November 3, 2018 big TAS fund raiser: tribute band “Brooklyn Boys” 6:30 pm

November 7, 2018 Brotherhood Board meeting 7pm TAS

November 11, 2018 Brotherhood general 9:30 am TAS (no religious school on 18 & 25)

December 2, 2018 Brotherhood general meeting 9:30 am, then set up & serve for

Hanukkah party and dreidel fest, $100 of gift cards from Brotherhood

December 5, 2018 Brotherhood Board meeting 7pm at temple

January 2, 2019 Brotherhood Board meeting 7pm Temple

January 8, 2019 Temple Board meeting#2, Bro rep attendance requested**

January 13, 2019 Brotherhood general meeting 9:30 am Temple (no religious school on 20th)

January 18, 2019 Temple services, 7:30pm, Wine tasting Oneg (Bro provide wine)

January 25, 2019 Brotherhood/Sisterhood run Services, 7:30 pm TAS, Bro volunteers see Bill R.

Brotherhood Calendar 2018-2019

February 3, 2019 Superbowl Party! 6pm TAS

February 6, 2019 Brotherhood Board meeting 7pm TAS

February 10, 2019 Brotherhood general meeting 9:30 am (No RS on 17th)

February 28, 2019 Speaking Up (bro support needed by attendance)

March 3, 2019 Mitzvah Day details to follow

March 6, 2019 Brotherhood Board meeting 7pm Temple

March 10-17, 2019 School break, no regular activities at TAS

March 20, 2019 Sisterhood Educational Event

March 24, 2019 Purim Carnival: Brotherhood general meeting 9:30 am, then set up and run carnival at 11am start

March 29, 2019 SAC Shabbat with speaker

March 30, 2019 POKER Night Brotherhood!!!

April 3, 2019 Brotherhood Board meeting 7pm Temple

April 6, 2019 TAS big Temple Fund Raiser details to follow

April 9, 2019 Temple Board Meeting #3, 7:30 pm, Bro Rep attendance**

April 14, 2019 Brotherhood general meeting 9:30 am Temple (no RS on 21st, Easter)

April 17, 2019 Brotherhood Board Installation of officers Meeting and Dinner, 6PM,

Peggy O’s, 1026 Florida Avenue, Palm Harbor

May 5, 2019 Picnic, end of religious school, details to follow