Temple Ahavat Shalom provides a lifetime of learning which is essential for personal and spiritual growth. We have an active adult and youth education program to include:

Weaner Religious School

Jewish tradition teaches; “One who increases Torah, increases life.” At Temple Ahavat Shalom bringing Torah to life is our sacred vocation and we are honored to be the avenue in which your child finds their Jewish spirituality.

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Adult Education

Temple Ahavat Shalom Adult Education enhances Jewish identity by offering a variety of learning opportunities taught by Rabbi Gary Klein and a number of other teachers. These programs are designed to appeal to the changing cognitive and spiritual needs of the adult population.

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Bar and Bat Mitzvah

At Temple Ahavat Shalom becoming a Bar or Bat Mitzvah is one part of the continuum of Jewish learning. The purposes of this life cycle event are to enhance the child’s self-esteem and to help nurture an identification with his or her Jewish community. 

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Confirmation (8th & 9th Grade)

Confirmation is an important lifecycle event that occurs at the end of ninth grade. In the years following Bar/Bat Mitzvah, students explore issues of conscious from a Jewish perspective and review Judaism’s dogma, values, traditions, as well as the history of the Jewish people. This process enables our students at the end of the ninth grade year to affirm their commitment to live their adult lives as committed Jews. Confirmation class is led by Rabbi Klein. 

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Post Confirmation Senior Study (10th & 12th Grade)

This class meets once a month under the leadership of Rabbi Klein. The course includes discussions on various areas of social action, current events and issues that are challenging to our high school students.

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